Canada BC Rental ~ Burnaby - WorldWide Deposit System   
It is fast, simple and safe by Email, Cash, or any main Credit Cards:

 1. By Email Transfer  All Canadian banks now support Email Transfer, you only need to know the payee's email address
and set up a security password when you use E -transfer.   VancouverHotel [at]    ( [at] = @)

 2. By Cash 

 3. By Credit Cards or PayPal 

We accept Master Card, VISA Card, and PayPal transfer: VancouverHotel [at]

 Canada BC Rental ~ Burnaby  

Email: VancouverHotel [at]    

Tel : 6O4 97O 2OOO (Text, WeChat, WhatsApp)
Address: 63OO Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada

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