Canada Vancouver Rental = The cheapest apartment hotel,  $1999/m =$66/day !
 Canada BC Rental - Apartment Booking 
[Copy this form to Text or Word first, then fill in your information and email to Burnaby Hotel: email: BurnabyHotel [at] 

1.  WHO 
1.1 Name*_________Email 1* :_____________ Email2*:__________ Mobile phone:*__________Land Tel : *(We need to call your land tel to confirm)
1.2 Adults: __________ Kids:___________ People total: ________  how many beds need* :___________  from country: ____________

2.  WHEN      [Example: You will arrive in Vancouver in the morning May 6 (the same day) if you leave Tokyo on May 6 in the evening]

2.1 Date arrive in Vancouver *_____________ Flight company*:_________Flight No.*:__________ Estimated arriving time:*_________________
2.2 Date check in at EasyLodge * :_________Date check out*:____________ total nights at Easy Lodge:_______

3. WHERE:  6 4 I O Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada 
Please Note: we are apartment, no receptionist, you need to call us or text us before you coming 
(Burnaby Rental mobile: 6O4 97O 2O0O), then we open the door for you, 
So a mobile phone is required. 
4. HOW:  What kind of transportation will you take to Burnaby apartment? 
4.1 by rental car? ____________; by taxi?_____________; by friend ride?_________; other option?_____________
4.2 Please DO call Burnaby Hotel first before you coming, otherwise you may can not find the apartment, 
because Burnaby Hotel has a couple of buildings around Metrotown, Burnaby area.(our mobile: 6O4 97O 2O0O)

5. WHAT   

5.1 What is your budget for daily rental? (like $70/day, $100/day, or $130/day?): ______  if go for month, what is your monthly budget:____________

(Help BurnabyHotel management, Thank you! Note: Room price may vary in room size (square feet), please consult BurnabyHotel sales agent before you book)

5.2 What type room you need: STU=Studio=Queen room, 1BA= one bedroom apartment; 2BA= two bedroom apartment
what you need: _______________; how many unit need:____________
 Do you need basement parking?_________ 
5.4 Do you smoke? _________________ Do you have pets?_______________ (Pets is not allowed at BurnabyHotel)
5.5 WHAT: Other requirement from customer (e.g. Travel, Car rental or House Finding Service? BurnabyHotel may help you)


Client name: * __________________Date *______________________  (End of Booking)  

Please note: Reservation can only be secured by your deposit: You may pay the deposit by , or VISA, Master Credit Card
OR by TD, RBC, CIBC Canadian bank if you are in Canada, USA, for how to pay deposit, please email to BurnabyHotel for more details
9. BurnabyHotel Confirmation with details information (This item will be fill in by BurnabyHotel)

Confirmation No.:

BurnabyHotel [at]      
Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O 
Note : By filling out this reservation form above, you will default to comply with the hotel policy of Canada and regulation of 
Cancellation Policy of BurnabyHotel (Note 1) and FAQ page: www.BurnabyHotel/faq

Canada Burnaby Hotel-Apartment Price -  Vancouver Apartment Hotel  
 Suite Type Day BED KitchenRent for 
STU - Com79 QS No couple  
STU - Std89QS No couple  
STU - Big99QSNocouple
1BR - Com109QS+QSYesfamily
1BR - Std119QS+QSYesfamily 
1BR - Big129 QS+QS Yes family 
2BR - Com149QS+QSYesfamily
2BR - Std159QS+QSYesfamily
2BR - Big169 QS+QS Yes family 

  SERVICE TAX CHARGE:  : 15%;    1day 45% surcharge;     Tax apply
QS= Queen size bed; Apartment size: Com=Compact;  Std=Standard; Big= Big; STU=Sudio =Queen room; 1BR=one bedroom apartment; 
2BR= two bedroom apartment; Facilities: hardwood floor, full size kitchen, big fridge, microwave, stove, oven, pots and pans, 
balcony, living room, big sofa, Free Wi-Fi internet; free back street parking; garage parking, airport shuttle; coin laundry;        36OO East 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5S 1M6    Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O (Text, WeChat, WhatsApp)  Tel 6O4 21O O1OO  

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